This blog is run by Oliver O’Brien a researcher at UCL Department of Geography. O’Brien is the same person that created Datashine and followed on with CDRC Maps (a site similar to datashine that maps CDRC data). Work tools and visualisations can be found on this blog, for example: Datashine, CDRC, Bike Share map, and CityDashboard. The site contains links to these different mapping sources, which have been included at the bottom of this post. These mapping sources are interactive and in the case of the Bike Share Map and CityDashboard show live changes to the data. These maps give an up to date representation of how the data changes, with updates every couple of minutes. The mapping websites created by O’Brien are interesting as they give clear spatial context to data collected from across the globe. Overall I would rate this blog as a 5/5 as they are useful for collecting and understanding data using clear and interactive map.

CDRC Maps:


Bike Share Map:




Mapping Data: Beyond the Choropleth



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