National Geographic

A site for the collection of articles, videos, podcasts, photographs and social media posts to link sources of geographical information. With its own magazine the site collects new information and makes it available to the public, with some sources limited to those that subscribe. The site has extensive archives of information, in particular it has a large range of maps to explore. The section of the site which the above link directs you to gives you access to the maps. The mapping department at National Geographic state on their website that they aim to ‘illustrate the world around us through the art and science of mapmaking’. The site is easy to use and is sorted into different sections making it easier to find what you’re interested in. All of the maps come with information to put the data into context and are created with the ability to give the data spatial context.


Although there are a vast range of maps, they are limited to topics that the National Geographic has chosen to map. Overall I would rate the site as 4/5, the maps available are interesting and made from reliable data sources.

Below are some examples of maps available on the site:

No one knows for certain where the Ebola virus lurks between outbreaks; it has never been definitively tracked to a host species in the wild.

Source: An Elusive Enemy




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