Dataseed is a website for creating interactive visualisations with minimal fuss. Through the website you can create a combination of charts to represent a dataset. These can be chosen from the drop down menu on the top right (as shown below). They provide a range of charts with the option to map data for spatial context. Once you have chosen the type of graphs that you would like to use it is possible to customise them with the toolbar also located in the top right corner. This gives users the opportunity to personalise their information, with a professional looking outcome.


For users who are new to the website there is a tutorial video showing how to use the software. There is also the option to ask for support, by entering a question into the form in the bottom right of the screen (highlighted below).

Dataseed support

Once the user has created their charts there are buttons to embed/share the map. The limitation to this site is that it is not freely available to use, however there is a free 15-day trial so that the user can test its suitability. Overall I would give this site a 4/5, as it is a good quality way of representing data, only to be made better by becoming a free resource.


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