Social Explorer

Social Explorer is a website designed to allow both technical and non-technical users to gain new insights and realize benefits from large, complex or diverse data. The website makes it possible to create maps from a range of data sources (e.g. US Census, World Development Indicators, UK Census). Users can select datasets from the homepage and change the data using a button to the top right of the map. The website has a variety of options for customising maps. For example, by clicking on the legend in the top right corner you can customise the visualisation type, colour scheme, points, etc (shown below).


It is also possible to alter the level of geographic data displayed on the map using the search bar to the top left of the map to focus on a specific location.


When scrolling over the map more detailed information about what the data is displaying pops up. This interactive feature means that users can get as much information from the dataset as possible, without displaying too much data on the base map.


Once the user has completed their map it is possible to save, share and export the map they have created using the buttons located at the top of the screen (see below). It is also possible to compare maps on the same screen using the button at the bottom of the map.


Overall I would rate this site as 5/5, as it allows the user to create interesting and personal maps of frequently updated data.


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