My name is Amy McAree. I am a third year geography student at Loughborough University, currently taking part in an industrial placement at the University of Reading. As a part of one of the projects I am currently working on at Reading, I have created this blog to increase peoples’ understanding of and access to tools for data visualisation.  An increasing number of websites and tools are becoming freely available to produce professional looking maps, using data collected by both the users and stored in online archives. The focus of this blog is to pool together the resources available for visualising social data and to provide information about how to make the maps you produce as visually pleasing as possible. It will also give students my opinion on which websites most effectively do this. Information provided by this blog is gathered from a range of online sources, all of which can be accessed through links on the site. This blog is aimed at students looking for more interesting ways to visualise social data collected by others and to present data that they have collected.